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Thinking of moving to Spain?

The second most visited country in the world, Spain is the dream of many people. Its pleasant Mediterranean climate, the sweetness of life, the beauty of the landscapes and the welcoming population, explain this enthusiasm.

Whether you are an investor, purchaser of a particular property, or a retiree wanting to enjoy the Mediterranean sun, Beyondcasa is there to ensure that your project is smoothly settled.

Administrative and legal follow-up

In addition to all your administrative procedures related to the purchase of your property, our legal advisers will take care of your bureaucratic installation procedures in Spain.

  • Obtaining your NIE (Foreigner Identification Number)
  • Bank account opening
  • Lease
  • Obtaining your residence certificate
  • Golden Visa
  • Registration for public or private health and mutual insurance)
  • Enrollment of children in school (private or public)
  • Obtaining the non-resident residence permit and even your quarterly or annual tax returns depending on each case

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