battle of kaer morhen best choices


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battle of kaer morhen best choices

Say "Go for it" when Ciri loses her temper in The Child of the Elder Blood. Kill the Harpies along the path to the pond. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Not the answer you're looking for? Don't fight the bandits, it's useless, the Temple Guard will make them flee anyway. The final three episodes will become available . Ciri rushes out of the safety of the keep. If you intervene he will be a little mad and he'll live on the run again. Related: The Witcher 3: Ugly Baby Main Quest Walkthrough. Follow Lambert outside the fortress. 1) Bald Mountain - No choices to be made here, just kill the bastards. But potions/forge will only get you items that you probably have better variants of already, making traps/wall marginally more useful. The portals are protected by two hounds and one or two warriors of the Wild Hunt. It's no understatement to say that a great deal occurs afterward. The Fate of Emhyr var Emries, Emperor of Nilfgaard. Bring Ciri to the EmperorWhen Ciri suggests visiting Bald Mountain during Blood on the Battlefield, say Gotta visit the Emperor first, not Velen, then. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Use Blink and the pendant Triss gave you if you are in a pinch. The first part of this quest will involve a short meeting with the allies and fighters on your side. As Ciri, defeat the Wild Hunt to open the gates to the inner courtyard. The narrative in general has definitely flaws, I think CDPR focused too much on (really amazing) side quests and could have invested more time in the story. 3) The Beast of White Orchard - No choices here either, but if you don't find buckthorn before this quest starts, you have to go to the herbalist, there she will ask you to help a dying girl, if you don't give her the swallow potion or ignore this quest, it will fail, but if you give her the potion, the girl will survive but she won't be herself anymore. Next, you'll switch back to Geralt, who is with his horse, Roach. After the meeting wraps up and your preparations are finished, the battle will begin. Geralt and the rest will thaw out and after the sad reality hits him, he will have a short talk with Ciri. This is a guide to the quest titled The Battle of Kaer Morhen from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Help him close a portal and a gate by running up to the wall and flipping the switch. If you . 4) The Incident at White Orchard - Nothing here, just kill the f***ing bandits, no way you can avoid fighting them. 2) Disturbance - No choices here, this is a sub-quest of "Ugly Baby" quest. If you stay and attract more enemies, they'll prevent you from climbing the shortcut and you'll have to run a long way around. No choices here, do what you gotta do. All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.The copyrights of videos of games used in our content and other intellectual property rights belong to the provider of the game.The contents we provide on this site were created personally by members of the Game8 editorial department.We refuse the right to reuse or repost content taken without our permission such as data or images to other sites. But you can find them in any order. 3) Blindingly Obvious - No choices here, find Philippa and be pleasant to Djikstra if you want to do Reasons of State, you get it from him in the ending of this quest. Witcher 3 - Dijkstra Helps Geralt in the Battle of Kaer Morhen Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Complete Playlist: Get Witcher 3 Blood and Wi. Choosing the option Potions'll be the most useful. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. 1) Pyres of Novigrad - No important choices to be made. Pick up Eskel and move down to the courtyard to open the door. When you choose the option Patch up the wall., the amount of Wild Hunt that you need to fight during Objective 8 will be reduced by 1 wave. The pair then become romantically involved and end up together. You can later kill her only if you have the ending where Ciri dies. Walkthrough The quest starts immediately after The Isle of Mists, after you are greeted by Vesemir, Yennefer and Triss. Getting the sword and potions might not be a good idea if you're already well equipped. The traps will kill some enemies in the battle. Make sure to loot every chest in the caves, there are some expensive items to be found in there. Most of them will parry the 3rd attack in your combo and will shove you away making you stagger. Regardless of the outcome of the quest, Letho questions where he can go next. 1. 11) The Isle of Mists - Be very careful with this quest! While fast travelling and calling Roach is disabled, her horse icon may appear underground near the main entrance. Quest that will not be available if you didn't complete them before starting "The Isle of Mists" : A Dangerous Game; A Deadly Plot; A Favor for a Friend; A Matter of Life and Death; A Towerful of Mice; An Eye for an Eye; Berengar's Blade; Brothers in Arms: Skelliege, Nilfgaard, Velen and Novigrad; Cabaret; Carnal Sins; Ciri's Room; Coronation; Fencing Lessons; For the Advancement of Learning; Ghosts of the Past(only if Letho is alive); King's Gamit; Now or Never; Possesion; Redania's Most Wanted; Return to Crookback Bog; The Fall of the House of Reardon; The Lord of Undvik. !!! I have added 2 NG+ save files with the same story conclusion. Battle the enemies in the. Fight off five warriors and hounds in the courtyard, saving Lambert in the process. Choose to take the money from Emhyr. 19) It takes Three to Tango - This quest is available only if you tried to romance both Triss and Yen. When inside, the preparations are made. Nilfgaard rules the North but Tameria is a vassel stateIf you side with Vernon Roche and Ves at the end of Reason of State, having completed the assassin questline, Temeria is restored a degree of sovereignty, but the other Northen realms rule under Nilfgaard's empire. Can I solve "Berengar's blade" without talking to Vesimir just before the battle at Kaer Moren? ++If you want the "good" ending where Ciri becomes a witcher and lives life at it's fullest: Choose to go with her to Skjall's Grave, and on "Child of the Elder Blood Quest" choose the dialogue option "Go for it". When all seems lost, Vesemir stabs Imlerith with a dagger in a desperate last effort, but only gets himself killed for it. The next quest, "Blood on the Battlefield", is chiefly concerned with the battle's aftermath. I chose to let jad Karadin live, he looks like he changed his life somehow, and he didn't deliver the killing blow on the guy Lambert cared about, the elf chick did it, killed her right away. Assist in defeating multiple waves of the Wild Hunt. When reporting a problem, please be as specific as possible in providing details such as what conditions the problem occurred under and what kind of effects it had. The forge will result in getting a silver sword. For the Laboratory Choice, you should always pick the Witchers' traps - that's the best idea. Once you're finished, a cutscene will play. Blood on the Battlefield is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. When you're done with the portals, Triss will request aid and the battle will end once you get close to her. I chose to kill Junior, because I really wanted to kill that mf when I saw what he did to those girls, but I guess the sparing thing is better then just killing him. The Battle of Kaer Morhen is a M ain Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Triss might not always be the perfect person, but she's willing to help out Geralt and Ciri. 5) No Place Like Home - No choices here. During it, Ciri will decide she has been running away for too long and takes Vesemir's wolf medalion before the quest ends and Blood on the Battlefield starts. Run back toward the heart of the keep, climb the stairs and go to the right. Best ending and choices for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. P.S: When you exit the Junior's villa, be sure to talk to the Redanian guards to start the secondary quest "Redania's Most Wanted" which is very important! Along with being one of the most poignant points of the game, it is also one of the most pivotal in determining the ultimate endgame conclusion. 3) Ciri's Story : The King of the Wolve - No choices to be made, this is a mission where you play as Ciri, remember she has some nice abilities, use them. The last part of the battle is upon you. After the cutscene you must close four portals as Geralt, two on each side. The option Let's clear the armory. Alternatively, you can just use Yrden like earlier to avoid running out of bombs. After you kill Imlerith choose the option "let's stay a bit longer" and get a nice moment with Ciri, oh and go loot Imlerith's body for a magic acorn. What were the most popular text editors for MS-DOS in the 1980s? There are three portals that you must shut down. Please let me know if I did any mistakes of writing or in-game related. I don't know about the sword, I didn't choose that option. 9) Harrassing a Troll - Go help a fellow Troll in need, Nekkers are bugging him :)) Location : Far North-East of Inn at the Crossroads. If you play on a level high enough (or equipped well) to beat your enemies, I would 'take the traps' and 'repair the forge' otherwise the other two choises. RELATED: The Witcher: Things About Kaer Morhen That Make No Sense This conflict is known as the Battle of Kaer Morhen. You will now be playing Ciri and will have to help Triss. The first one is to save the stableman and the horses from the fire, it's only optional, but if you do it you will be rewarded with 20 Crowns and you will feel better for not being a dick. When Lambert returns with your requested gear or repairs, all you need to do is leave the main hall to begin the battle. At this point, you can either tell her to relax or tell her you can lift her spirits. 3) Broken Flowers - No important choices to be made here. Second, when you deliver Triss to Menge, you can either ask about Dandelion first and stop the torture, or, ask about Djikstra's treasure first, and you will find Dandelion later, with Djikstra's help, the only difference is that if you ask about Djikstra's treasure, you will receive Djikstra's help sometimes, and 1000 crowns before the Battle of Kaer Morhen. Kaer Morhen will be open for you to explore, with a few hidden things to find, monsters to fight, as well some of the characters hanging around if you want to get to know them a bit better. And because The Witcher 3 is all about choices and consequences, you may assume these people refuse due to the decisions you've made. NEXT: The Witcher 3: Most Tragic Endings for Characters, Ranked, Michael is an editor at Game Rant. Most of them are of course optional recruits, but here are all of them in a linear fashion of appearance: Note: If you do open Keira's alchemist inventory, a bug may occur afterwards where the conversation options don't show. Another choice is either to leave quietly or kill all the witch hunters and burn their shelter(which I did), they all deserve it and some characters mention it throughout the game. Climb the wall, reach the lever, and pull it to close the gate. 13) Blood on the Battlefield - This quest affects the ending of the game!! You can destroy a portal in one of two ways. 6) The Calm Before the Storm - You play as Ciri, no choices to be made, but you have an interesting dialogue with Ciri and the girl in the spa. Instead of hearing their usual responses to Ciri, Geralt's frozen default model will appear in her place until you leave the conversation. I'm going to wreck the Wild Hunt no matter what so I'm mostly concerned with how the choice affects Kaer Morhen after the fight. At the end of it, you don't need to ask her to stay as she'll always return for the battle. 3. If you choose to dig out the armory, does this actually open up a new area in the castle? 23) Redania's Most Wanted - One choice here, but don't give the crystal to Radovid, don't mention it, it's better that way I think. So, you got through the endings, through the main quests, now you have to do the secondary quests, I'll try to give you the best advices in my opinion, with some explanations ofcourse: Note: I will only write down the most important ones in my opinion, cause I'm already writing for more then 5 hours, but I'll PROBABLY add all of the secondary quests as well later, not sure tho :). Despite being one of Geralt's loyal friends, Vernon Roche's help doesn't come free. It takes place in Kaer Morhen . While hunting in the woods, if you close the last portal before starting to fight (particularly via Yrden and while still invisible), you might jump directly into the next quest phase and this fails the "Kill the While Hunt warriors" objective for that portal. Make the decisions and motivate the group. Run for it and don't try to loot corpses or the frost will kill you. I honestly don't think any of the choices make that much of a difference. When you finish your conversations with them, the two sorceresses will walk towards the keep, but following them is entirely optional and you are free to roam until you join them for the council. 7) Battle Preparations - This quest will affect the ending of the game!! All rights reserved. If you romanced Yennefer, Geralt and Yen will retreate somewhere far away from dangers and live happily ever after and almost never get out of bed till noon :) what the narrator said :). Sneak in as close as possible and toss a bomb, then eliminate the guards from that portal. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Btw, if you go near the hut where Lambert tied his boat, you can trigger a secondary quest named "Monster Slayer". (Optional) Equip yourself with dimeritium bombs from Vesemir's supplies. For more information, please see our I chose to kill the spirit mostly because it was evil and didn't deserve to be free of the curse, and because I liked the Bloody Baron character and saving Anna, don't worry about doing dirty work for the Crones, Ciri kills them later .Anyway, there is another choice to be made, if you choose to free the Spirit, before talking to the ealdorman, the village will be attacked, the kids will "be saved" and Anna won't be turned into a waterhag, however you can't know what happens to the kids next, and you can't find them in the Novigrad School later in the game, like you can if you free the spirit after talking to the eladorman. Note: Do this quest before The Isle of Mists, or it will fail. Choosing to send her to Kaer Morhen is the best decision. You don't need to start tackling the objectives, though. Improving the copy in the close modal and post notices - 2023 edition, New blog post from our CEO Prashanth: Community is the future of AI, Screenshot of the Week #89 [Submissions Closed, Vote Now!]. will make the whole fortress get littered with Witchers' traps making it easier to maneuver during the heavy battles. How to get Letho to the Battle for Kaer Morhen. After you reach the first gate (500 ), kill all enemies you see and move for the second gate, where unfortunately Eskel will be in trouble and unable to open it. If you have a lesser version of the potion at that point, it effectively allows for more charge uses between replenishments. Read more of his work here:, The Witcher 3 Now Or Never Saying Goodbye To Triss, This article is part of a directory: The Witcher 3: Complete Guide And Walkthrough, Where To Find All Griffin School Diagrams, How To Unlock Every Ending In Blood & Wine, Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Witcher Signs, The Witcher 3: Ugly Baby Main Quest Walkthrough, The Witcher: Things About Ciris Magic That Make No Sense, Read this guide on Ciri's endings for more information, The Witcher 3: Most Tragic Endings for Characters, Ranked, The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Spoilers Surface Online, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Makes The Same Mistakes As Fallen Order, Gamers Share Their Most Controversial Confessions, You earn the 'Full Crew' achievement or trophy (Letho, Folan, and Vigi don't count towards it). will give you a Superior Swallow recipe and a Fortified Rafards Decoction recipe if you have finished the Secondary quest Following the Thread. 3) Echoes of the Past - No choices to be made. 1)Kaer Morhen - No choice here, no consequences, just tutorials and stuff. They are simply invisible and you can use the arrow keys and then Enter to exit the conversation. Thankfully, it's pretty easy as all you have to do is help defend Ves from some Nilfgaardian soldiers. ++ If you want the ending with Ciri beeing empress: Go talk to Emhyr first, then go to Bald Mountain. option to reduce the number of enemies that you will face during the battle. Quest stages of The Battle of Kaer Morhen. This is the best ending and the best choices for me, and I'll explain it in a little bit. It's the big climax at the end of its respective story arc, and what you do next will determine the fates of many characters and plotlines. You'll next need to track down the leaders of the Hunt and accompany Ciri on her quest toward whatever's next. The Witcher is a trademark of CD PROJEKT S. A. Either use a Dimeritium Bomb from Lambert or use Yrden to destroy them. This causes Ciri to give in to despair and let her power run wild with a deadly scream that decimates the Wild Hunt. During this quest, there are some crucial decisions you will have to make that will determine whether Ciri lives or dies and what her role will be going forward. They will even end up as lovers in the end. After reaching the keep, you will have to close the main gate. Note:If you don't do this quest before Ugly Baby it will fail! The negative part is of course that Triss loses 5 fingernails, but she can handle it no worries. 2) Final Preparations(Umbrella Quest) - This quest affects the ending of the game!! Blood on the Battlefield. Note: Try to find Gaspard the last, that's how the narrative is set. 7) A Mysterious Passenger - No choices here, I think this quest only shows if you don't know about Uma. 9 Choice 1: Kaer Morhen After the "Battle of Kaer Morhen" quest, all of your companions attend a funeral for those who died in the fight. Use Igni to keep your distance and finish them off. There are usually three portals at a time. Important: Once you start the council, the secondary quest Berengar's Blade will fail if not already completed. Repairing the wall will mean one less wave of enemies attacking. (500 ) In the next cutscene, Lambert will give you any previously chosen "rewards" and goes to prepare your horses. Before you can invite him, you have to help either him or Cerys become the ruler of Skellige. Blood on the Battlefield is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . She will save Lambert, assuring he lives during the quest. Decision #1: This decision takes place during Blood on the Battlefield in Act 2. Keep killing everyone you encounter if you must and then use the wheel to open the gate. Ciri has the option to use a magic amulet in order to direct Triss' fireballs, take care though as they will damage Ciri as well, so blink away once you use the amulet. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. 3 views, 0 likes, 0 loves, 4 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Spectre Fraz Network: Hanging out, maxing, relaxing, etc. Also, this post is meant to help new players make the best decisions, if they don't want to live with the consequences of the bad ones, also, most of the time there is no good or bad, but you have to choose the lesser evil. Geralt, Lambert, and Letho (if you invited him) ambush the Hunt with invisibility tokens from Yennefer. Fight up the stairs, shutting every portal you see and slaying the Hunt along the way. Although, simply beating all the quests will not be enough to acquire Keira's help. Game8 - Your Go-To Platform For All Game Walkthroughs and Strategy Guides. 2) The King is Dead - Long Live the King - No choices here, only to race with Cerys, it's optional, but race her, it's fun. (500, Use dimeritium bombs or the Yrden Sign to close all the Hunt's portals in the woods around Kaer Morhen. After I got the first answer I've to add that I need a more specific answer e.g. Say "Yeah, I'll go with you" when Ciri asks to visit Skjall's grave at the end of The Child of the Elder Blood. Radovid rules Novigrad and Velen:If you ignore the assassin questline completely, Radovid wins war with Nilfgaard. No important choices here, you can either kill Old Speartip or let him sleep(I killed him for Lambert's sake). When you make it to the door, Triss will join you, but the door isnt open. 4) The Final Trial - No choices here, this is a sub-quest of "Ugly Baby" quest. : If you don't choose all the dialogue options on the autopsy of the dead man, Ciri will make the wrong conclusion about the monster that killed the men and you won't prepare for the fight with the werewolf properly. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. If you didn't complete the secondary quests "Following the Thread" and "The Last Wish" before starting this one, they will fail! At the end of the quest you have to decide either to take 350 Crowns or 3 gwent Cards, I chose the Gwent cards obviously. Oh, and make the one that hires you to get rid of some rats to give you the money up-front(a tip). 4) Family Matters - No choices that affect the end of the game, but you do have some important choices to make. Open the gate to Kaer Morhen's inner courtyard. If you didnt romance either Triss or Yen, or tried to romance them both, Geralt ends his days alone as a roaming witcher. 4) A Towerful of Mice - You do have a choice here, either to bring the ghost's lover to the tower, he will die, but both of them will be together in the afterlife or something, or you can bring the ghost's bones to her lover, and spread a terrible disease throughout Velen Your choice :). 27) In Wolf's Cloting - Choose to lift the curse for a reward, you can kill him afterwards. 1) Following the Thread - It's a story where you learn some thins about Lambert. 2) Master Armorers - Important, helps you get mastercrafted armor, no choices to be made here. All your call. Be aware that you will leave White Orchard after this quest, so it would be better that you finish all the secondary quests and visit all the points of interest before that, you will find some good items for your level and make some money before heading to Velen. Act 2 was great again with the return to Kaer Morhen + battle but then Act 3 was all over the place and a mess. The one member of the An Craite clan that you can convince to assist in taking on the Hunt is Hjalmar. Following the tragic events of The Battle of Kaer Morhen, the main cast of characters are now grappling with the aftermath and gathering the strength to push on. It is then that you can invite him to Kaer Morhen. If you ignored Kings Gambit, Svanrige Bran starts a bloody civil war and establishes a totalitarian monarchy on Skellige. 17) Carnal Sins - Only one choice here, beware to choose to speak to Nathaniel first, cause he's not the real killed, then kill the bastard. You need to recruit the following Allies: + Keira Metz (0:05, Velen, send her to Kaer. Return to playing as Geralt, and you'll have to close some more portals. About Imperial audience quest, there is nothing you can do to change the dialogue, but try not to be too mean to Emhyr. The first choice is either Vesemirs potions or Eskels traps. Use the arrow keys and enter to exit the store. 12) On Thin Ice - Note : The quest " Reasons of state will fail if you didn't complete it before speaking to Avallach". No choices here, go kill the motherf**kers. 26) Farting Trolls - Not an important quest, but a funny conversation between 3 trolls who ate a nekker or something. Ciri's out of control powers now endanger her own allies, but fortunately Avallac'h appears and manages to neutralize her. 7) For the Advancement of Learning - I know I said it earlier but I'll say it again, you will have the option to let Keira go to Radovid or not.Convince her not to go and take the notes from her, by doing this and asking her to go to Kaer Morhen, you will save her live and later she and Lambert will leave together towards new adventures. All things related to The Witcher Books, games, TV-series You name it. You should only pick the other option if you made no effort in equipping better swords for yourself. ++If you want the "good" ending where Ciri becomes a witcher and lives life at it's fullest: Choose a snowball fight by selecting the option "I know what might lift your spirits", it will make both of you very happy. There are some modifications on the rewards tho, if you recruit the drunk guy you receive less experience points, if you choose Priscilla over Irina you will get 20 crowns instead of 10, and try to pick all the correct lines, you will receive more experience and crowns, and some nice words from some people :). Best Early Game Skills and Builds This is a guide to the quest titled Ghosts of the Past from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If Keira was recruited, she will automatically intervene and save him, but otherwise you have to run to his aid. 8) Ghosts of the Past - Don't intervine in Letho's plan, he will fake his death and you can tell him to go to Kaer Morhen and stay there, he'll fight by your side later. While the issue is being resolved, you have to help Triss instead. In order for us to make the best articles possible, share your corrections, opinions, and thoughts about The Battle of Kaer Morhen Walkthrough Defense Choices and Best Choices | The Witcher 3 with us! Now the choice, if you choose to spare Junior, he will later be left alone by everyone, and he becomes a beggar and everyone mocks him, he would rather be dead, and you can encounter him I think, or you can just kill him, and later on, Dudu will assume his form and start doing good deeds in Novigrad and all Junior's operations become legit. The Battle of Kaer Morhen Walkthrough Defense Choices and Best Choices. If Ermion was recruited for this fight, there will be gas traps that can be ignited with Igni and cause some damage to the Hunt. 10) Child of the Elder Blood - This quest will affect the ending of the game!! When it begins, you'll be in the woods with Lambert and if he's present, Letho too. 9) Wandering in the Dark - Just one choice to make in this quest, and it's not an important one.At the end of the quest, Keira asks you if you want to help her get the lamp before you leave, go help her, the lamp is useful in the Tower of Mice quest, and oh, I almost forgot, take your time with this quest because there are a lot of cool items and diagrams to find there, which are very useful in the beginning of the game.

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