ballinasloe court cases


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ballinasloe court cases

Several lodging keepers also suffered from the same cause the exorbitant prices demanded by them leaving additional apartments which they had provided for the splendid occasion altogether on their hands. The Right Hon. In the interval between that and the murder, Mr. Butson received several threatening letters to dismiss Lenney from his situation, or the worst consequences would follow. Lead has risen cent. WebRefer a case. The show-yard has been completely flooded, and consequently quite deserted and with scarcely an exception, all kinds of business, unless, perhaps that of the hotel keepers, is at a standstill. This Railway will proceed northwards by Killaloe, Nenagh, Cloghjordan, Shinrone, Parsonstown, Banagher, Shannon Harbour, Athlone, Ballymahon, Kenagh, Longford, Granard, Arvagh, Cavan and Ballyhaise to Clones, at which point, it will meet the traffic supplied by the Belfast and Ballymena, the Ulster, the Newry and Enniskillen, the Dundalk and Enniskillen, and the Colerain, Londonderry, and Enniskillen Railways ; thus concentrating, in its northern terminus, the intercourse of all the lines in that important portion of the country ; and on the south, being in direct communication with the various existing and projected lines to Cork, Waterford, Limerick and Tralee &c., it will bring the two extremes of the kingdom into immediate connection, effectually opening up the interior of the country, and necessarily tend to develop its almost hidden resources, while the fact of the line crossing the direction of all the channels of communication from East to West of the country without competing with any of them, forms a singular and strikingly advantageous feature in the undertaking. The defendant stated that he met with some friends, who treated him to two croppers and not having tasted food for some hours previously, total insensibility followed, accompanied by a desire to dispense with the luxury of a bed for the coolness of the pavement. I. We understand that he purposes remaining for a few days. On the night of the 15th inst., five armed men entered the dwelling of Michael Behan at Knigh, and threatened him with death if he neglected to make his son quit the employment of a gentleman in the neighbourhood. | Designed by Web Design Ireland. John Rannie, Esq., 5, Lower Belgrave street, London About Courts of Appeal. Chronicle First publication Wednesday, September 24th, 1845. My list is sorted by the surname of the groom. Edward Golding, Esq., J. P., Castleblayney, Monaghan French actress Eva Green has won a High Court case over her $1m (810,000) fee for a sci-fi film that never got made. Jos. The name of the unfortunate deceased was Thomas Lenney, steward to the Rev. The chair was filled by Counsellor OHea. Limerick Chronicle, The following is an extract from a letter received in this town on Monday last from Toronto, in Upper Canada, dated August 26th, only three weeks since:- The Rev. The lovers of political sport will be delighted to hear that the prospects for next session are as good as ever. Liverpool Henry Waterton Edward Galwey, Esq., Limerick Link Copied! WebOctober 14, 2021 A Ballinasloe man who sexually assaulted a 16 year old girl in her bedroom received a three year prison sentence, half of which was suspended. Deposit 2 12s. A large quantity of cattle, corn &c., seized for rent, due on the lands of Killeashin of H. ONeill and R. Billing, Esqrs., of Dublin, was to be sold by auction, on Friday last, and in consequence of the bailiffs having been attacked some days previously, when making the seizure, a party of the Constabulary were in attendance to preserve the peace, but no sale took place, an amicable arrangement having been entered into. WebElectronic and paper court records retained at the court site can be viewed at the courthouse for free, however there is a fee of 10 cents per page to print from a public access terminal. Laurence Finn (66), of Gurteen, Ballinasloe was sentenced at Galway Circuit Court this week after previously pleading guilty to a single count of sexual assault. 23 rd April 2020. Professor Kane will deliver his First Lecture on the Application of Chemistry to Agriculture. Power will be taken by the Act to allow four per cent upon the calls. In about twenty minutes however, after the fatal occurrence, the lifeless body was discovered extended in the gateway. John Harrison, Esq., Belfast, Director of the Belfast & Ballymena Railway The Agricultural, Commercial and Mercantile intelligence will be given from the best sources of information. No paper credited. A judge at the trial described the findings on the farm as shocking and beyond belief. References: There will be a General Meeting of the Society at Two oClock, his Grace the Duke of Leinster, President, in the Chair, to nominate Judges and Stewards of the Yard for the day following, and to receive Deputations for holding the Annual Cattle Show next year. Wednesday, 1st October Herring Fishery Galway Ballinasloe Galway's trusted source of news for over a century Editorial: | Ph: 091 536222 Galway's Media Giant Advertising: | Ph: 091 536222 Copyright Connacht Tribune 2021 | Website design development by Ourside Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions. George Handcock, Chairman of the Belfast & Ballymena Railway Remaining on preceding week 202 Parliamentary Agent Lord Cremorne The Hon. All Stock, Sheep, Swine and other articles will be received into the Show Yard this day; the Exhibitors having first taken out the necessary Tickets of Admission from the Clerk of the Yard. Foster then took the bayonet from under his coat, and stabbed Furlong in the breast and lower part of the body. And feel for a creature thats tortured in woe; Wednesday, October 22nd, 1845 ROSCREA POOR LAW UNION Ex-officio. Foster then went away, and returned in a short time by himself, having a stick in his hand and a bayonet, which he concealed under his coat. John Fitzpatrick, a young, but frequently convicted pickpocket, in physiognomy an exact facsimile of Thornhills popular portrait of Jack Sheppard, was charged with stealing 1 7s 6d, from the pocket of a man named Hugh Larkin. Robert William Law, Esq., J. P., Johnstownmore, Dublin 1, Parsonstown, Wednesday September 24, 1845. The result of the investigation was the finding of a verdict of willful murder against some parties unknown. Bankers in Ireland Average expense of pauper per week 0 1s. Alexander MNeill, Esq., Edinburgh, Director of the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway The Tipperary Joint Stock Bank and its Branches William Pollock, Esq., Master of the Merchant Company, Ayr His attorney, Brent Mayr, declined to comment. Galway Bay fm newsroom A court case taken by a Ballinasloe man against his stepmother over an alleged claim to a 3.8 million euro Lotto win has started at the High Court.. David Walsh is suing Mary Walsh of Knocknagreena, Ballinasloe for a one-sixth share in the Lotto win from January 22nd 2011. The father and son instantly got up, and thought to get out the door, but they were so bewildered that they could not for some time make it out ; by this time, the house was in flames over their heads, the father, mother and two eldest children succeeded in getting out, but, melancholy to relate, the youngest children were burned to ashes one sevenand the other nine years of age. An LGBTQ pride mural in downtown Raleigh, N.C., just a few blocks away from the Legislative Building, on Nov. 16. Go to the courthouse and look at electronic court records. Briain Kelly. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Two men, named Philip Furlong and John Williams, alias Foster had some altercation at the above place, when Furlong asked Foster to fight him. Informations being granted in this case, the worthy barrister slipped out behind his clients back and pocketed the sum of ten shillings and sixpence by this honorable transaction! 1 No. The Bank of Ireland and its branches I am not ambitious, nor eer was officious, Our Prospectus Vol. Nenagh Guardian. Edinburgh, Glasgow The Royal Bank of Scotland Mr. Meredith Thompson held an inquest on the body, and a verdict of murder was returned against the husband, who has absconded. Case files and court records can be found on But we ought to be consoled by reflecting on the history of this scheme in other countries. There are at present 275 paupers in the Workhouse of this Union, principally composed of women and children. Galway Mercury, Wednesday Oct 29th, 1845 Alexander MDouall, Esq., J. P., Stranraer, Agent for the Union Bank of Scotland Carlow Sentinel, Co. Clare PICKING POCKETS Attempts are being made in the North of Ireland to re-organise the Orange Institution, on such a plan however, as to avoid an infraction of the law. The leading object of this Journal will be to afford that attention to the interests of the Kings County, which its importance demands, whether as regards its central position, its agricultural and mercantile resources, or its rank, wealth and intelligence: in short, to give the county the full advantages of an efficient LOCAL JOURNAL. The only cause that can be assigned for this very daring attack is, that Doctor Downer, a most efficient officer in the Loan Fund Institution here, took an active part, some short time ago, in detecting a fellow, who attempted to defraud the establishment. Charles Doyne, Esq., Newtown Park, Dublin His attorney, Brent Mayr, declined She told him to stop, but he kept going in the face of her repeatedly telling him to stop until she jumped out of the bed. On Friday morning, however, upon going to the lands, there was not a vestige of the produce to be seen not a single straw was left behind the lads having made clean work of it during the previous night, to the great disappointment of the receiver, the auctioneer and the bailiffs. Court of Petty Sessions (Ballinsaloe, Kilcloony, Galway) (Main Author) Format: Manuscript/Manuscript on Film Language: English Publication: Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2005-2010 Physical: on 49 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. A preference will be given to the Shareholders in the existing Companies in connection with this line, in the allotment of Shares. The attempt to educate the people into irreligion has been openly made and avowedly pursued in Germany, particularly in Prussia, and more recently in France; but even in those countries, supported as it was by the undisguised power of Government, it has failed, and it will fail in Ireland as sure as the sun rises, and leave no trace behind it but the marks of the folly of its invention and the proofs of increased zeal, and even from the xxxxxxx(ink blotched cant read) excited in all good men on so iniquitous a project. Henry Thompson, Esq., Dublin Laurence Finn William Bryden, Esq., New Palace yard, Westminster B. Barned & Co. The Tipperary Joint Stock Bank and its Branches In Latin, no lines. The Mark-Lane Market of the previous Monday, and the Dublin Corn Return of Tuesday, will be obtained in time for immediate publication; while the Stock and Share List will be quoted up to the latest period. Assizes News (Court Cases) Wednesday, October 22nd, 1845. Not credited to any newspaper, Wednesday, October 29th, 1845. The clergy, whom the people never deserted, will never desert them: and there is one thing certain that the men of Connaught are not to be bought or bribed, any more than are the faithful Irishmen of other provinces. Galway Mercury, The Potato Crops. the Dean of Ross, Director of the Ulster Railway Carlow Sentinel, Attempt to Burn a House Latest data released by the Chinese courts reveal a decline in the number of cases concluded and accepted last year. Now that I have had time to ascertain what several here with whom I have conversed think of the exhibition, I can state that it is generally considered as having proved rather a disappointment, at least of the very expectations, which the public had been led to entertain on the subject. Sub- Constable Nicholson deposed that he arrested the prisoner, and found on his person a pound note and some coppers. A grand-daughter of the far-famed Kate Kearney may be seen at Killarney lakes this autumn, with the usual offering of goats milk and mountain dew to the lake visitors. Show unavailable courts. Mr. Garghan, Professor of Belles Lettres About five hundred persons sat down to dinner, which was served under the same management as the entertainment on the previous day. Foster said he would not fight then, but go look for a person to be present, and who would see fair play. Under the patronage of the Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of Ireland. The group took legal action to prevent Galway County Council granting a permit to operate Man brought before court in alleged incident between landlord and tenant Two men due before court on 432,800 cannabis grow house raid, Man jailed for sexually assaulting woman on bus. Before Thomas Hacket, Esq., and Captain Kelly, R.M. Most lovely of creatures! Finn will also come back under the supervision of the probation services for six months on his release from prison. The court acted on its own initiative to grant en banc review in the two cases, argued previously in January and in March. The Very Rev. Thomas Lloyd, Esq., D. L., & J. P., Beechmount, Limerick October 15, 2020. Protestant Organisation in Ireland. At the conclusion of the inquiry, Captain Washington said he had been up the Shannon, and had never seen a nobler or more beautiful river. The company also agreed to pay the FSAIs legal His bond was set at $200,000. From our Roscrea Correspondant ( County Tipperary) Virtual reality house models 21st Century technology at 20th Century prices! From the Bristol Times Mountbellew. The high court temporarily blocked lower court orders that would have limited access to mifepristone beginning Saturday, preserving current availability while it weighs Matters remained so until Tuesday last ; on that day the agricultural show was attended by Lenney. The Most Noble the Marquis of Ormonde, All rights reserved. Henry Lloyd, Esq., J. P., Butler House, Kilkenny Total expense of provisions and necessaries 15 7s. London Offices of the Company : 19, Moor-gate street, Shocking Murder Sligo June 6th 1862 Dec 31st, 1880 Mr. Prittie, and others we have sen among the Directors, joined with Dr. Graves, of Merrion Square, and wealthy merchants of Dublin, we augur success. PA Media. One smile it will heal me; one frown it will kill me; Messrs Robert Hamilton & Co., 42 Upper Sackville-street, Dublin & Messrs. Malthy, Beachcroft, and Robinson, 34 Old Brock street, London Im at your election, so grant me protection, The Royal Bank, Dublin The earth could not show such a damsel I know, Henry Walker Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. 28 th May 2020**. The court on Thursday convicted and fined Arrabawn Co-operative Society Limited 40,000 for breaching food law. This Roman Catholic parish is spread over two counties Roscommon & Galway. The thatch was set on fire near the eave, but the family being up at the time, the fire was discovered, and its progress checked before any serious injury was committed. Bankers in Scotland The Very Rev. Guardians elected on the 11th inst., for the year ending 29th September 1846. If you wont relieve me, in truth you may believe me, Second Day of the Show This day, the exhibition terminated, and under circumstances rendered most unfavourable by the state of the weather. Major Samuel W. Blackall, D.L., J. P., Colambre, Longford They are Christopher Coates, coachman to Mr. Butson, John Coates also in Mr. Butsons employment as an agricultural servant; both are brothers of the dismissed steward.

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